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About Us

The Beginnings of Craven Dance Studio

"I never knew our Grandma Dixon, yet I understand she was very sweet, but pushy. She had our father, William Norwood, Uncle John and Aunt Kitty dancing at an early age. Our dad used to tell us about William Lynch, his first dance teacher. During dance class, he would play the harmonica for his students, while his old German Shepherd lay in the corner howling! Dad also took lessons from Gertrude Hinger and other Cleveland dance teachers. In the summer, his mother would take him all the way to New York City for dance lessons!"​


"Grandma Dixon, a piano teacher herself, also played for silent films. She recognized her childrens natural talent and decided they could be great dance teachers. Due to her inspiration and determination, the "Orlando School of the Dance" was opened in her home in 1933. Why "Orlando School of the Dance?"...Grandma LOVED Orlando Florida!"

"Orlando School of the Dance, Dixon School of the Dance, Norwood Dixon School of the Dance, Dixon Dance Studio, and for the last 17 years Craven Dance Studio!"

Barb Craven

Barb is the owner/operator of Craven Dance Studio,  she took over the family business in 1977.  Barb has contributed to numerous dance opportunities at the local libraries, pre-schools, day care centers, Jackson Parks Services, Girl Scouts, and many more!   Barb is the primary instructor for all the classes at the studio.  She is assisted by many qualified dancers, including her daughter, Colleen Kracker, Jackie Blaydes, Dance Director of Plain Local Schools.


Barb believes that dance is an art form used to share rhythm, music and personal expression.  "Each child should have the opportunity to develop him or herself physically, socially, and musically.  To find their true potential in all things of life!"  Barb feels that regardless of a child's level of ability or talent, all participants should be given equal opportunity and attention.  This is why Craven Dance Studio is a non-competitive, whole dancer, studio.





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